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Thrillist - Luna's Restaurante Brookhollow


Luna's Restaurante Brookhollow - Inviting you to sit down after 90 years


It's never too late to break with tradition: OU and Texas switched to the spread and won National Championships, and in 1981's S.O.B., Julie Andrews broke from nanny & nun roles and actually spread her legs. Just kidding, she flashed boob, but still, go Julie Andrews! Brilliantly breaking with nine decades of tradition, Luna’s Restaurante Brookhollow, soft-open Wednesday, grand opening Friday.

A primo restaurant supplier since its 1924 founding by Maria Luna, two current generations (Francisco Sr. and Jr.) are now set to serve family recipes & more in a cozily traditional space right next to the factory, complete with tiled doorways and murals by a local artist of the Luna crest and a mariachi band, the mari-Acho band being unavailable due to a schedule involving thousands of pushups. Keeping it in la familia are in-house takes on tablitas (thin cross-cut short ribs), various pollos (a la parilla, en mole, en fiambre), guiso de puerco con calabacitas, picadillo, and fish tacos, far less alarming than Widespread Panic tacos. Purely traditional mains include carne asada, tilapia a la Veracruza, steak Mexicano (prime-beef tips sautéed in ranchera sauce), chile rellenos, and tacos dorados; a la carte sees enchiladas as well as make-your-own tacos with all the aforementioned meats, plus pork chops with pico de gallo, because after a jug of wine, Ernest and Julio like to get spicy.

Luna’s is BYOB for now, but’ll soon have a selection of beers and ‘ritas, from which Fernando Sr. says he'll ply customers with a couple gratis samples -- the same boozy gift Julie must've received before she showed us just how alive her hills really were.

The Lunas are hoping to open more restos within the year; check 'em out before it's old hat, at

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Crave - Restaurante Luna Opens Friday


Restaurante Luna Opens Friday

We broke the story on the newRestaurante Luna Brookhollow nearly a month ago that will open this Friday, and we were the first to sample some of the cuisine that will be offered at the new restaurant. The menu we sampled was limited to a pork and beef guisados, a fish dish and a piccadillo, but we eagerly await to try their slew of rellenos and especially the tablitas, a delicious sagittal-cut grilled beef rib.

The pre-opening lent promise to the new restaurant that previously served small lunch item for the road at their tortilla factory next door. The tortilla and tamale giants are excited about the new restaurant and already have slated plans for locations across Dallas. "This is something we have been planning for some time and this location was perfect for what we were looking for," said the elder Fernando Luna. Luna runs the new business that is separate from the factory next door with his son Fernando Jr., and they both seem to be enjoying their new workload. It was great to see some of our contest winners at the preview, including Kat and her husband.

by Steven Doyle  APRIL 7, 2011 · 10:37 AM

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The Dallas Observer - Luna Tortilla Factory Opens a Restaurant. About Damned Time.


Luna Tortilla Factory Opens a Restaurant. About Damned Time.

Since 1924, the Luna family has been selling chips, tortillas, tamales and such through The Luna Tortilla Factory. And now, almost 86 years later, they have finally opened a family restaurant. And, guess what? They've been holding out on us. Shame, shame.

It all started back in 1923 when María Luna, who at 23 was a widowed mother of two, acquired a corn grinder and learned to make tortillas. This eventually led to the inception of The Luna Tortilla Factory in Dallas, which now flattens more 1,500 tortillas an hour for locals.

Today they are opening the doors to their very own restaurant, appropriately named Luna's, located right next to their tortilla factory at the corner of Harry Hines and Regal Row.

Having weaseled my way into their soft opening earlier this week, I got to try it out already. My date and I started out with queso, salsa and fried jalapeños stuffed with chicken and cheese. Then we had the Steak Mexicano, which is prime beef tips sautéed in a ranchera sauce. All of it was wonderful. But the brisket tacos, which we also tried, were...brace yourself...the best I've ever had. The best.

With a mouth full of brisket, I insisted, "Why now? Why not 20 years ago?" Fernando Luna Jr., son of the owners, said something about location and the timing finally being right.

Fortunately, owner Fernando Luna, who is María's grandson, and his wife, Margie, made all my bitterness melt away. They are gracious and genuinely excited about having their own place now. They, along with Fernando Jr., were working the tables themselves.

And the menu was a labor of love. Pulling from their own history, the "Family Recipes" section was carefully considered. As Fernando Jr. explained, "We were back in the kitchen testing recipes one day and my cousin got tears in her eyes because a dish reminded her of her mother."

Included in the offerings are things you don't typically see like "Tacos Dorados," which are home-style and pan-fried, as well as "Guiso de Puerco con Calabacitas," or pork stew. There are other items that make the menu unique and separate it from the pack, highlighting the fact that the Lunas have been cooking for a good eight decades among themselves (and not sharing with us).

But, I'm over it now. Promise.

Check them out. They're located at 8524 Harry Hines Blvd. Tell them I sent you (that will get you absolutely nowhere, but it's fun to say).

By Lauren Drewes Daniels, Fri., Apr. 8 2011 @ 2:35PM

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The Feast - Luna's debuts first sit-down eatery


After 87 Years of Supplying Other Restaurants, Luna's Tortilla Factory Opens Its Own Place


If you've dined at Snuffer's, Blue Goose, Gloria's or Humperdink's, chances are you've eaten a Luna brand tortilla. The venerable factory—founded by San Luis Potosí transplant Maria Luna in 1924—churns out thousands of tortillas and tamales daily, then distributes them to over 200 local restaurants. After 87 years in business, current owner Fernando Luna (Maria's grandson), decided it was time to open the factory's first sit-down eatery simply dubbed Restaurante Luna's.

"We always wanted to open our own place," Luna says. "The space came available next door, so the time was just right." Don't come here expecting Tex-Mex—the menu is comprised of simple, authentic Mexican dishes. "Everything comes from old family recipes," Luna says. "It's the stuff we grew up eating at home." Think pollo en mole, tablitas, chile rellenos and picadillo all made with top-notch ingredients. The only thing missing is liquor. Luna says he's applying for a license today and should have it within two or three months. Until then, you'll have toBYOB. Take a tour of the place via our slideshow above. [The Feast]

Now Open by Kellyn Curtis Apr 11, 10:00AM in Eat

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